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Thunderstone - Until We Touch The Burning Sun (subtitulado al español)

Grupo/Band: Thunderstone
Canción/Song: Until We Touch The Burning Sun (subtitulos español)
Disco/Álbum: The Burning
Año/Year: 2004
Genero: Power Metal
Pais/Origin: Helsinki, Finland (Finlandia)

La canción esta traducida y subtitulado: Shuranegro666


Esta cancion es otro pedido, este fue hecho por ElLagoDeLosCuervoss, espero que sea como lo querias

Thunderstone es una banda de Power Metal de Helsinki, Finlandia. Fue formada en el año 2000 por el guitarrista Nino Laurenne.

Su primer disco fue homonimo a la banda Thunderstone y despues de su salida tuvieron una gira en la que conpartieron escenario con grupos como Stratovarius y Symphony X.

Until We Touch The Burning Sun


I'm watching through the frozen window
Through the reflection of my face
There's a cold world out there
And I'm here, safe, and deceitfully fine...

This is my world
My haven, my home, where I can be alone
Only hear and see
Hear and see things that really matter to me

When I open the door and look upon the haze
I can see a million eyes and the way they're gazing at me
Walking through the misery
Surrounded by the things that I don't want to see

I can feel the hopeless pain,
and it's driving me insane
And today I'll make a promise
Just to break it by tomorrow

We will never learn
We will never turn
Our eyes to the world
Where the pain is reality
We will never see
We'll never believe
Until we touch the burning sun

I feel the breeze
The breeze that makes me realize that I am not alone
I'm here,
I'm home and safe again behind the doors, locked
Never want to leave again

Tema: Until We Touch The Burning Sun - Hasta que Toquemos el Ardiente Sol

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